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We offer a great selection of turnkey websites, so check them out and start building your online business today! According to Investopedia, a turnkey business is a business that is ready to use, existing in a condition that allows for immediate operation.  We already provided all required setup for you to operate the business.

It’s no secret…   

There are only 4 keys to making money on the Internet:

  • You’ve got to have a valuable product to sell  
  • You’ve got to have a Website that sells your product  
  • You’ve got to know how to promote your Website  
  • You’ve got to accept credit card orders online

 Our Package gives you all that and a whole lot more…

While a turnkey business shares similarity to a franchise as a business-in-a-box that is ready to go, it, however, does not come with the various legal restrictions and conditionalities that comes with a franchise business model. With your Turnkey business, you have outright ownership.

Here are some features of the turnkey business that we offer

  1. Customisable and fully loaded website – contents, products, payment etc
  2. Business branding –logo design, colour
  3. Business system – online  accounting, invoicing, payment,
  4. Business stationery – Printed business cards, flyers to promote your business offline
  5. Marketing Suite- Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Client Lead Generator, Advertising voucher, Directory Listing
  6. Training – Video, Ebook guide.
  7. Domain name registration and internet hosting
  8. Business and Trade Information- Newsletter, websites, etc


  1. Business Formation – Company house registration, VAT etc
  2. Business Plan
  3. Business Growth Finance
  4. Business Presence – Virtual Office and Business Telephone
  5. Additional Equipment.

Turnkey Businesses Available for Sale:

 We’ve been selling our business packages on eBay for many years. Combined with the peace of mind of buying on a reputable platform, we offer affordable business packages that are based on our expertise and experience, in other words, we share what we know and do.  Here some of the Business packages available on eBay


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