Digital Business & Social Cards

Do you know that 80% of a printed business card that you share, is not being used by the recipients? Most of the time, it goes to the dustbin. With a Digital  Business and Social Card, your recipients can add your contact information to their Phone without typing anything by saving the link on their Phone.

In today’s busy life, having your contact information in your prospect’s phone instantly is the solution to not losing a contact, business or opportunity. 

Your own Digital Business and Social Card on your mobile phone will make you look like a ROCKSTAR.

You will be able to share your digital business and social card using our App. Easily send your contact information via SMS, Email or Whatsapp (Without saving their number).

Lead Capture and more…….

If you are into businesses such as Real Estate, Marketing Agency, Tours and Travel, Finance and Insurance or any other B2B segment, where you want people to fill up inquiry form, then our Digital Business Card can help you capture leads with contact form. You will get an email notification for each lead submission.

Who should have the Digital Business Card?

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who frequently share their visiting cards can now use Digital Business Card to share their personal and business contact details.


Personal Card for Professionals like Lawyer, Architect, Sales Consultant, Consultant, Marketer, Real Estate Agent, Insurance Advisor, Artist, Photographer, Beauticians, Services & more.


Get an instant connection to your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc

Instantly send out your cards to anyone you know or meet. You will also be able to keep leads, track and tag those you have sent your cards to in your own portal

Here’s what is included with your Business & social Digital card account

Total Customization –  Change the design of your Card. You decide the calls to action you want to deploy.  You can send them to URL’s, Social media, call or text.  You can change it out anytime you like.

More Features –  Inside the member’s area you have the ability to deploy more cool features on your Business & Social Digital Card

Instant Connection –  It’s so easy! You literarily just turn on the icons and buttons that you want your viewers to see.

Grab Your Link – once you are inside you will create your link for your Business & Social Digital Cards.

Forget the old-fashioned printed cards and start sharing your contact information digitally via actionable one-click buttons such as Call dial, Email, Whatsapp, Navigation, Website Link, and Social Links from your mobile phone.

Claim your card on your mobile phone:

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