The Solution for business telephony is not a mobile phone

If you are considering your mobile phone for business, think again. Using a mobile phone for business may sound like a sound and cost-saving strategy. But, there’s one big snack. What happens when the business grows? You need to develop your own business around a system that can grow with it.

When starting a new business or running an existing one as a sole trader, small business or SME, an initial investment in a virtual integrated phone system and virtual landline can solve your business telephony problem forever. Virtual telephony is a cloud-based service that offers the perfect business phone solution to help you manage your business from your mobile phone using a virtual geographical number.

There is no denying that many advantages come with mobile phones, but when it comes to business, the devices should be used to complement a scalable telephony system dedicated to your business. If you are running a small business, Virtual Landline is a significant way to present a more corporate image, rather than advertising a mobile or home telephone number. For most business and professional services, a mobile number does not convey the assurance and confidence expected by potential clients or customers.

Your mobile phone is effective for diverting calls from your virtual landline numberenabling you to carry your office with you, without being glued to your desk. A virtually integrated system or a VoIP phone system can give you the power to make every phone interaction a valuable asset for your business. A virtual number is a telephone number that functions without a directly associated telephone line. As a standard, the number is programmed to forward incoming calls to a preset telephone number or numbers, chosen by you.
Virtual telephony systems and landline numbers are ultra flexible. You will be able to divert calls to a published telephone number of your choice, and at the same time keep track of call data of who called when they called and for how long. You do not need waiting until the end of the month to receive valuable information from your business phone provider.
Virtual telephony and Landline work with your existing broadband or wifi. It provides you with a zero to low cost for the usage, without being tied to an extended expensive contract. 

For small businesses and SMEs, virtual number offers you the freedom to run a business from an office or home. It allows one to promote a local presence, without having to physically be in that chosen location. 

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Owning a completely integrated phone system would enable you to deal with multiple calls at all hours of the day. You will also be able to measure how different sections, departments, and individuals in your organization are performing? This scalable system that is tied into your data network can represent an incredible asset, handling multiple voicemails, and offering you a host of options including call transfers.

Keeping your valuable information safe and secure should remain your utmost priority. There are massive security risks involved when you typically rely on your smartphones for business dealings. Just imagine what would happen if you lost your phone and all your customer details on the mobile device fall into the crooked hands.
Combining your mobile phone with your Virtual landline, in addition, has tax benefits. Business calls charges over the monthly phone tariff can be deducted as expenses or benefits for each employee. At the end of the tax year, you will be submitting a P11D form to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for each employee you‘ve provided with expenses or benefits.

Possessing the right tools for business provides better customer experience and an extra edge for your business. Therefore, opting for a virtual business number will save you much trouble, especially if you are forced to switch mobile carriers/numbers. Once you obtain a virtual phone number, it stays and grows with you and your business. This will save you the inconvenience of switching mobile carriers or numbers is limited solely to your private affairs.

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