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S4E Publishing service can turn your idea into a superbly designed, high quality, publication and marketed on your behalf for profit if required.

We focus mostly with book, magazine, newsletter and newspaper publishing.

  • Editorial – Advice you on the kind of editorial news and features and illustrations that should appear in your publication. We’ll provide you with proof-reading, editing of materials supplied.
  • Production – Layout, designing, and printing
  • Legal and Administration - Barcoding, Library, and trade notification
  • Circulation/Distribution – Advise with pricing and distribution
  • Subscription -  single copy sale and retail distribution.
  • Advertising Sales – Assuming your will be selling adverts, we’ll advise on potential advertisers and provide ad sales support.
  • Marketing – Advertising and promotion strategy, PR, internet marketing, launch etc.
  • Potential Ancillary: We’ll show you great potential ancillary

Here's how it works


We provide expert guidance in planning your strategy, dealing with each developmental stage

We look after all preparation, production, printing and promotion of your publication. That is from your idea to Marketing. We take care of the legal and administrative tasks, as well as arrange (depending on package chosen) various sales and distribution alternatives and promotional tools. Our service guarantees  no expensive cost and no waste.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, the publishing package does not constitute direct financial investment on our part. As contract publisher, we expect to be paid for services rendered.

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