Telecom- How it Works

Our call management system works for individual business owners as well as small and big businesses. Whether you are working from home or constantly on the move, you can re-route your calls to different UK landline and mobile numbers instantly, including your home or personal mobile number. You’ll never have to divulge your personal numbers again.


Nothing to Host/Install, Everything Is On the “Cloud” For Easy Access.

You will have complete access to your online portal via your web browser. Your own business call management portal will allow you to manage your number(s), the destination where calls should route to, the greetings messages you want to be played out, and the email address where notifications to view and listen to a recorded call.


SIX Easy steps to set-up and run a call management and answering system for your business

1. Pick a number

Choose a business phone number which could either be a FreePhone or a geographical area number. With this, you also get a web portal where you can monitor your business calls and set up department details, analyze call data and reports. You can also add contacts and users and define a role for each user.

2. Design custom IVR

Set a professional IVR for your business phone number. The IVR routes the call to the assigned department/agent. If no user answers the call, the call gets transferred to a voicemail. You can also create and design a location-based, contact-based or time-based IVR for your business, depending on your requirement.

3. Add departments and agents

Add different departments and professional message to your IVR such as sales, support etc. Assign users to each department. Also, create extension numbers for each user for direct contact.

4. Publish the number

Published and promote your phone number online and offline to your customers and prospective ones. You can include your number on your website, advertisements, business cards, and social media. Increase brand recognition through your centralised phone number.

5. View and subscribe to call reports

From your dedicated porter, you can monitor the reports of the number of calls received, made and missed by your team. You can further view and analyze your call reports both user and department wise to monitor your business’s activities.

6. Remarket the callers

Reach back to your callers through Email, SMS, and Facebook Remarketing. Select subscription lists to reconnect with your callers via customized campaigns based on their call attributes. Also,  you can call for reports to analyse the RoI of your marketing campaigns.


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